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Behind every great picture, there are more than a thousand words, but few artists have the talents necessary to present both to us. If you remember the leisurely pace of traveling down a country road reading Burma Shave signs and if you remember Coca-Cola for a nickel or if you just wish you could, then you should reminisce with Jim Harrison.

As a keynote speaker, this ex-high school football coach and nationally prominent artist and writer weaves a compelling story of rural America. It is a tale of his struggles and frustrations as a creative artist balancing his art and writing with the realities of business. Listen as he tells how with his brush and pen, he is staying ahead of the bulldozers and wrecking crews to do his part in preserving our rich heritage.

This painter, writer, speaker, philosopher, and historian stands as a self appointed protector of old things and old ways. Harrison said, "I sincerely try to put meaning to all of this in hopes it has some historical value. The subjects I’m interested in certainly need to be put in book form. They were an important part of our past. To look to the past is to learn and to learn is to look to the future."

"Jim Harrison is unequaled in the area of twentieth century advertising art."
— Hammer Galleries
New York, New York
"In Jim Harrison's work we see the true spirit of rural America."
— Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
New York, New York
"Jim mixes effectively humor with matters of a serious nature and completely captivates his audience from beginning to end. His presentation was the highlight of our convention."
— Howard Elkins, President
SC Independent Bankers Association, Columbia, South Carolina
"If you want a speaker who typifies America, a person who captures the subject of art and its role in American history, and one who literally entertains the audience indefinitely -- then have Jim Harrison."
— Jackson D. Brown, Senior Vice President
The Leo Burnette Company, Chicago, Illinois

For more information on Jim Harrison as your next keynote speaker, write or call:

Jim Harrison Gallery
One South Main Street
Denmark, South Carolina 29042

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